Is a Slate Roof Right For Your Home?

The phrase “roofing system over your head” is evocative for a great reason. You can have all the belongings you desire, but if the roof isn’t there, none of that will matter. So naturally, the concern of the best method to roofing system your home is one that individuals take their time considering, and selecting which roofing alternative is best for your home is a crucial choice.

To assist you decide that’s right for you, we are going to explore the benefits and disadvantages of among the most popular roofing products– slate. As constantly, there are pros and cons to choosing a slate roofing however by the end of this short guide, you must be totally aware of whatever a slate roofing system brings so that you can make an educated and informed choice.

What is Slate?
Slate is a metamorphic rock that is most typically found in Spain, Brazil, China, and Australia, although in the UK, there are likewise slate quarries in North Wales, Cornwall, and Cumbria. It has actually shown incredibly popular as a roof material throughout history because of its natural water resistance, taking in less than 0.4% of any water that lands upon it.

Although most of the marketplace is still dominated by slate taken from mines, there is a significantly large number of houses and building companies changing to a lighter and equally durable option in the form of synthetic slate. It can be more consistent, more eco-friendly, and in general simpler to set up than its natural equivalent, so it’s no wonder why more homebuilders see the benefit of this roofing option.

Benefits of Slate Roofing
Aesthetic appeals
It is tough to reject that slate roof has a style and artistry to it that couple of other roofing products can match. The natural patterns that are present in slate rock, enabled thanks to the geological patterns and transformations throughout its formation, give slate a subtle but distinct type and shape. Given how long slate has been a part of conventional building all throughout Europe and additional afield, it carries an undeniable air of history and gravitas.

When it concerns slate roof, the base system for determining the life expectancy is not years or perhaps decades. A slate roof can very easily be expected to last between 100 to 200 years, sometimes at a minimum. This is why a centenary service warranty on such products is not at all unusual. This suggests that slate is incredibly cheap in the long term and is highly environmentally friendly because it will not require replacing or fixing on a regular basis.

Low Maintenance
Because of the exceptional sturdiness of slate, it needs to not need regular repair work when it has been installed expertly. Also, because of its high level of natural water resistance, slate is extremely resistant to the improvements of mould, fungus, and other undesirable biological enemies.

Disadvantages of Slate Roofing
Among the many different roof choices out there, slate is one of the heaviest available, often weighing between 8 to 15 lbs per square foot. Because of this, more comprehensive architectural allowances will need to be made for new buildings with slate roof, whereas older buildings where a brand-new slate roof is being fitted will require a thorough evaluation.

Challenging to Replace
While slate is highly long lasting when it comes to the natural elements of wind, rain, and hail, it can be more delicate when people become part of the formula. Since slate is manufactured in batches, colour matching is often challenging to accomplish, although it is much easier with synthetic slate.

Complex Installation
Installing a roof that could possibly last several centuries is not going to be a simple affair. Anyone claiming otherwise is probably going to do a poor job of fitting the slate in place, which might result in long and difficult repair work procedures. Slate roofing is a highly specialised and technical discipline, and you need to guarantee that you have actually qualified specialists like the team here at East Ham Roofing to guarantee a great job.

Whilst this overview has actually highlighted the major strengths and weaknesses of a slate roof, it’s constantly good to stay in the learn about what’s offered.

Be sure to investigate as completely as you can previously deciding on your roofing system and if in doubt, don’t think twice to contact our specialists today and we happily offer you with honest, custom guidance for your job.

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