Commercial Roofing

Experienced Commercial Roofers

At East Ham Roofing we have a lot of experience as Roofing Contractors, specialising in Commercial Roofing and Cladding, Industrial Roofing, Felt Roofing and Waterproof Coatings.

Commercial Roofing Services

  • Flat Roofs
  • Single Ply Roofing 
  • Roof Repairs 
  • Roof Decking 
  • Industrial Cladding
  • Waterproof Coatings
  • Sheet Cladding
  • Guttering 
  • Industrial Roof Cleaning

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Flat and Felt Roofs

East Ham Roofing has created and verified a process for working with commercial flat roofs. 

As well as using the best materials, our East Ham Roofing team repairs or replaces any kind of commercial flat roof,  making them maintenance free and covered by a guarantee.

When it comes to felt roofs our team utilises a rolling and pouring technique via hot liquified bitumen as well as highly malleable felt systems and finish the job using a solar reflective coating.

Rubber Roofs

Once evaluated some roofs might be contenders for a rubber roof. Contenders for this type of application work best if there are only a small amount obstacles and extrusions on the roof.  It is predominantly suitable for structures that are newer or sounder where a total system of underlay can be used. 

Our East Ham Roofing staff are skilled in the application of rubber roofs and when used on appropriate roofs, these roofs can provide wide-ranging longevity, and are guaranteed.

Steel Roofs

The East Ham Roofing team have experience in renewing large-scale steel roofs as well as cladding utilising steel sheeting that’s been profiled. 

Our company utilises top-notch profiled sheets as well as a flashing system that is created and made to meet the needs of each commercial application.

A lot of roofs in the retail and the industrial areas are contenders for using over cladding. The technique we use for over cladding delivers a brand-new looking roof that is very  substantial along with a roof covering that does not disturb the inside very much and guaranteed. Additionally, it delivers a secure roof that improves insulation and soundproofing.

An assortment of types of insulation materials may be utilised dependent on their appropriateness. Over cladding is predominantly appropriate for asbestos roofs in which problems exist with entry and servicing to get to other machinery at the plant such as extractors, cable routing, and ventilation systems, etc.

You can install a heavier gauge steel valley section. Any sections that are glazed may be externally covered with polycarbonate in the glazing bar segment in order to deliver a modern look, along with providing more safety, reduced wind chill factors and insulation.

Doing over cladding using corrugated steel is often best for renewing garage roofs long- term.  It is a good option as compared to re-felting. 

Business Rainwater Systems

East Ham Roofing can help you with all of your rainwater systems.  Our team has lots of experience in repairing and renewing all kinds of rainwater systems like business sized PVC systems, as well as those made of cast-iron, zinc or other materials. 

Additionally, we do renewing or over cladding for fascia and soffits along with cleaning and maintenance.

Business Roofing Maintenance and Repairs

East Ham Roofing can deliver a maintenance and repair service to business and industrial sectors.  We presently perform a lot of scheduled maintenance programs in regard to high-level areas like cleaning gutters and rainwater systems, as well as monitoring pollution and exhausts, and overall repairing and inspecting of roofs.  We understand how important these inspections are in order to prevent water from getting in, particularly in sensitive spaces.  We are pleased to do inspections and programmed roof cleanings.

Due to our knowledge and experience, our East Ham Roofing team is the perfect team  for diagnosing and fixing roof issues with various appropriate materials:- lead, glazing, steel, rubber or felt, as well as dealing with any additional technical issues. The East Ham Roofing team is confident we are able to find the issue and correct it and we guarantee and monitor all the repairs we do.


We do cladding for roof constructions, as well as specialising in installing vertical cladding using our very own custom created materials in the desired colours and profiles.  We are able to provide your building with a great facelift which provides a modern look, along with a long life and an option to also improve insulation.