Guide to Different Roofing Materials

From London flat roof to angled roofs in London, different roofing projects in the capital need different materials in order to look their best and perform to the best of their ability. A great roof needs to be tough, resilient, and reputable, yet factors varying from area and weather condition to even the residential or commercial property itself can all contribute in identifying which roofing product is finest matched to the project at hand.

As knowledgeable roofing professionals in London, the devoted team here at East Ham Roofing are completely positioned to offer you truthful, neutral guidance about your roofing. Whether you require an entirely brand-new roofing system or just an area of upkeep, our extremely trained group can help you out.

We’ve assembled a handy guide to the different kinds of roof materials we use in our projects to give you a better idea of what is offered and why our team may advise a particular product for a specific roofing system.

High Performance Felt

Felt is a fantastic option of material for a wide range of roofing jobs in London. Flat roofing, in particular, can benefit significantly from felt.

High performance felt is a perfect choice for the following:

  • Flat roofings
  • Rear extensions
  • Garages
  • Offices and commercial structures

Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt is a type of asphalt that has been used for roofing ever since the 1960s. Today, this material is still a popular choice, mostly due to its versatility and resilience. Mastic asphalt typically has a life-span of more than 50 years and also boasts the enviable properties of being recyclable, water resistant, and nearly entirely fire resistant.

Although mastic asphalt can be used in a wide array of situations, it makes a great option for the following:

  • Flat roofings
  • Parking area roofing systems
  • Decks


Slate is a traditional, immediately recognisable roof material that has actually been used for centuries. We offer both natural slate and synthetic slate, providing you plenty of freedom when it comes to the specifics of your roof. The majority of slate roofing systems have a long life-span, low rate of water absorption, and fireproof properties, making this material a firm preferred when it concerns roofing.

Slate roof is a terrific choice for the following:

  • Pitched roofing systems
  • Older-style properties

Concrete and Clay Tiles

We offer a large range of high-quality clay and concrete tiles from leading manufacturers, consisting of both handmade and machine-made tiles. Concrete tiles are a resilient, low-maintenance roof alternative, while clay tiles are long-lasting and extremely fireproof.

Concrete and clay tile roofing is perfect for pitched roofs.


Lead is one of the oldest roofing products that is still in use today, mainly thanks to its sturdiness, reliability, and resistance to deterioration. Lead roof is flexible and long-lasting, making it a great choice for various roof tasks.

Lead roofing is a great option for the following:

  • Historic and listed structures
  • Parapets
  • London flat roofing
  • Valley seamless gutters
  • Pitched roofings in London

Fix-R Liquid Waterproofing Systems

A water resistant roofing is important to keep your property and possessions safe and dry all year round. We can offer Fix-R Liquid Waterproofing Systems to push back water and resist standing water, improving the quality of your roof. This system is a hybrid polymer waterproofing system that is applied in liquid kind, enabling affordable application and minimum wastage.

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