Emergency Roof Repair

Quick, dependable roofing repairs for emergency situations.

Did your roof start leaking all of a sudden, so there is damage to the interior of your home?  Is there a risk of the building getting damaged due to severe storms?  Then here at East Ham Roofing  we provide a professional service to fix your damaged roofs as quickly as possible. 

Do you need emergency roof repairs, but you don’t know who to call?  Call us on 0203 319 6419.

Your roof is the sole thing standing between you and the weather outside. Should there be bad weather where you live, being able to fix your roof right when it gets damaged is crucial to being able to protect your house.  Our roofing business provides round the clock emergency services along with no call out fee.  Are you concerned about your tiles after gale-force winds?  Our expert roofers are ready and waiting to take care of all your emergency roof repairs.

Emergency Repairs for Pitched Roofs

There is not a single job that is either too small or too large for our professional roofers.  Pitched roofs are vulnerable to storm damage caused by fallen branches as well as trees that have been blown down.  Damage caused by trees may cause the roof to become caved in and that necessitates instant attention in order to prevent any additional damage to the property.  Our emergency roof repair specialists are completely equipped and ready to take care of even the utmost extreme circumstances.

Emergency Repairs on Flat Roofs

Flat roofs, although they are not as prone to being damaged by trees, are susceptible to being damaged by water.  During rainstorms, leaves and debris often gather in the gutters causing blockages. 

This can cause a dam of water to build up onto a flat roof. Dependent on a roof’s design and the drainage system, water such as that may cause a leak. A quick roof repair can deliver a temporary fix, like putting a tarp over a roof as the severe weather remains prior to a more permanent repair being done.

The Hazards of DIY

Trying to complete emergency roof repairs on your own may be dangerous, particularly if any damage was caused by fire.  Any structural unsteadiness of a roof may cause bad falls and extensive injuries.  Trying to do repairs on a roof in severe weather may be dangerous  particularly throughout a lightning storm.  Be sure to always talk to experts prior to trying any roof DIY.

Appropriate Placement of Tarps

Although it is not recommended to do DIY, you can put a tarp over your roof to stop additional water damage that could cause more damage to the house’s structure if you are comfortable doing so. This is not a lasting resolution at all.  Don’t ever try to put a tarp over a roof during a windstorm, or during a lighting storm or while it is raining, as those conditions will merely add to the risk.  Please do not do roof DIY yourself.  Call in the experts – East Ham Roofing